Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Alan Emory, Administrator

Mr. Emory has an elementary education degree from Mid-American Christian

University in Oklahoma and has served 12 years as Administrator for two

different Christian schools (including five years in a Classical School). He is an

ordained pastor and served as a substitute teacher at UCS for the past two

years. He knows and loves the school and its students and staff.


Carrie Durnez, Finance Manager

 Mrs. Durnez is in her seventh year at UCS. She is responsible for organizational finance matters.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Lynda Hilton, Director of Early Education 

With twenty plus years of pre-school teaching and administration experience, Ms. Hilton is in her fifth year of heading up our pre-school program. 


Jill Maynard, Kindergarten

Jill Maynard – A graduate of North Central Bible College with a degree in elementary education with a minor in Christian education, Mrs. Maynard is in her twelth year of teaching at UCS. 

Wendy Hutchinson, First Grade

 Mrs. Hutchinson has been teaching twelve years and earned her degree from Northern Arizona University. This is her third year at UCS.

Brittney Miller, Second Grade

Ms. Miller comes to us from Payson, AZ. Her previous experience included K4 teaching. This is her forth year at UCS. 

Reanna Byrd, Third Grade


Kelsea Combs, Fourth Grade

Mrs. Combs

Mary Frewin, Fifth Grade

Mrs. Frewin is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a major in elementary education. This is her third year at UCS. 

Sharon Ackerman, Sixth Grade

Mrs. Ackerman

Joshua Frewin,

Athletic Director, 7-12th Grade Science, Latin, & PE

Mr. Frewin

Roger Day, 7-12th Grade Humanities

 Mr. Day is a graduate of San Diego Christian College and Southern Theological Seminary,  with a Masters in Theology and a major in Apologetics.  

Wendy Brink, 7th-12th Grade Math

Mrs. Brink

Preschool & Child Care Assistants

involved with the TEACH program – Brandi Phillips, Tanya Schoonover, and Dawn Blaire assist in the pre-school and child care programs

Tanya Schoonover

Tanya Schoonover

Brandi Phillips

Brandi Phillips