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Kathy Holden, Administrator

Kathy Holden was raised in Colorado, relocated to Arizona 20 ago with her family after a career in Connecticut that saw first her teach in public schools, then worked as a consultant for the Connecticut Department of Education.

In Arizona, Holden has led a Christian preschool-elementary school in Tucson before she directed a Christian preschool in Sedona.

“I hope to continue learning and growing within a model that seems to best fit God’s plan for the education of His children,” Holden says.

“I have been in education, both in the public realm and in the parochial realm, for a long time,” Holden says. “I have observed that regardless of the latest educational programs and philosophies, children learn in the same manner. In fact, their learning development and need is the constant in education.”


Ali Fowler

Business & Office Manager

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Lynda Hilton

Director of Early Education


Jill Maynard



Kitty McDowell

1st Grade


Brittany Miller

2nd & 3rd Grade


Elisa McGinnis

4th& 5th Grades


Sharon Ackerman

Middle School



Reanna Byrd

Middle School



Kip Maynard

Middle School Math & PE

Preschool & Child Care Assistants -

Tanya Schoonover &Brandi Phillips

 Tanya Schoonover
 Brandi Phillips