October 2015


October Greetings!

As we finish our first quarter of the year, we are reminded of the growth God has brought to United Christian School.  Our student body has more than tripled in the last four years and our academic expectations have risen, as we have adopted a Classical Christian curriculum.  This year we added grades 9-12and we are now able to provide an education that is challenging and thorough beginning in pre-school and continuing through the twelfth grade.

However, as we grow, we must always remain mindful of protecting our school from several temptations. Some of these would be:

1-    We must not mistake the trappings of education – new buildings and better facilities- as the proof of a good education. We’ve seen this done in the public arena and we must be careful not to fall prey to this temptation.

2-    We must be aware of the difficult task of maintaining a balance between high academics and behavioral expectations and a loving, gracious classroom environment.

3-    We must resist the temptation to rely on our own abilities to change the hearts of the students; only God can do that. Ultimately, education is God’s work in the heart of a child.

4-    We must never relegate the Bible to one class; a true Classical Christian education integrates Bible and the Christian understanding throughout each subject, thus avoiding the dividing of our Christianity from other parts of our life.

5-    Lastly, we must guard against the belief that educating a child classically will influence them more than the present culture.  Although a Classical Christian education can best prepare students to affect the culture rather than the other way round, the primary job of the teacher is to affect the heart of each student.  Our job is to share the evils of human pride and arrogance and guide our students in the pursuit of moral truth, biblical beauty, and the goodness of God.

May God rule in the hearts of our staff, as well as in the hearts of you, as parents, as we all endeavor to demonstrate by our lives that true success is a life which glorifies God alone.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Kathy Becker

Administrator, UCS


United Christian School

Our beautiful school is located in Camp Verde, AZ. And serves Camp Verde and the surrounding areas grades Pre-school through 8th. 

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Our Vision: to build up disciples of Christ who live by The Book.

Our Mission: to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education for all who attend.

It is the belief of UCS that academic excellence and spiritual development go hand in hand. With God as the source of all truth, education becomes an exciting adventure! By challenging our students to excellence in all areas of their lives-mentally,spiritually, physically, emotionally-we are preparing leaders for tomorrow.