February 2016



Dear UCS Families,                                                                    February 10, 2016

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.~~ Benjamin Franklin

 At United Christian School, our teachers are always studying and learning in order to prepare themselves for the classroom. One of the main pedagogies used in a Classical Christian school, is a perspective described in The Seven Laws of Teaching by J.M. Gregory.

Dr. John Milton Gregory, a gifted teacher and theologian,  composed his seven laws in the late 19th century to give guidance for biblical teaching and how best to achieve it. The Seven Laws have been embraced as a framework for teaching in Classical schools because they dove-tail with Classical methodology.

The Seven Laws of Teaching are:

Law #1 – A teacher must be one who knows the lesson or truth to be taught.

Law#2 – A learner is one who attends with interest to the lesson given.

Law #3 – The language used as a medium between teacher and learner must be common to both.

Law #4 – The lesson to be learned must be explainable in  terms of the truth already known by the learner—the unknown must be explained by the known.

Law #5 – Teaching is arousing and using the pupil’s mind to form in it a desired concept or thought.

Law #6 – Learning is thinking into one’s own understanding a new idea or truth.

Law #7 – The test and proof of teaching done---the finishing and fastening process---must be reviewing, rethinking, re-knowing, and reproducing of the knowledge taught.

I share this with you, because it is important that each parent knows the perspective our school is coming from. In the next few months, we hope to organize meetings with each teacher and the parents of that particular class, to go over our curriculum and answer questions concerning daily assignments, homework, and classroom goals. A strong school is a school where parents and teachers work together to guide students to truth and wisdom.  All true wisdom is grounded in the nature of God.

May God bless you as you parent from a godly perspective,

Kathy Becker


United Christian School

Our beautiful school is located in Camp Verde, AZ. And serves Camp Verde and the surrounding areas grades Pre-school through 8th. 

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Our Mission: to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education for all who attend.

It is the belief of UCS that academic excellence and spiritual development go hand in hand. With God as the source of all truth, education becomes an exciting adventure! By challenging our students to excellence in all areas of their lives-mentally,spiritually, physically, emotionally-we are preparing leaders for tomorrow.